Zephyr Range Hoods

Zephyr Range Hoods

Country: Zephyr Range Hoods is based in the U.S.A. (Alameda, California)

Zephyr range hoods have had a great reputation ever since the launch of their first range hood in 1997. Zephyr has been an immensely popular brand ever since, partly due to their stellar customer service, and in part because of their impressive futuristic designs. Zephyr range hoods are known to be beautifully crafted and high quality range hoods, usually packed to the brim with boundary pushing technological innovations. And no, these aren't just empty marketing words. Check out some of their innovations:

DCBL Suppression System®: this is industry’s first innovation takes the form of a range hood motor which is powered by direct current (DC) energy instead of the traditional AC power. This means 77% more energy efficiency, 77% noise reduction and 30% more power.

Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs: Zephyr range hoods incorporate the industry’s first dimmable LED bulbs, coupled with an on-board computer which makes everything work together perfectly.

Airflow Control Technology (ACT™): As you might have read, depending on your country, state and/or city, you might have to
provide makeup air if your range hood has too much power under the hood. To counter this problem, certain Zephyr range hoods have the industry’s first Airflow Control Technology™ (ACT™) built in, which can limit the maximum power to 590, 390 or 290 CFM, so as to meet local code requirements.

Perimeter Aspiration: If there are too many air contaminants released all at once, your range hood might get overwhelmed. This means that some of the air pollutants might escape your range hood's suction and spill over the edge. The Perimeter Aspiration technique evenly distributes the airflow by moving it away from the central area to ensure all the pollutants are captured and transported outside. (Featured as part of the Designer Collection: Lux island and Incline wall)

Dual Capture Zones & Dual Filtration: Instead of having one entry point to capture air contaminants, certain Zephyr range hoods will be equipped with two entry point, which translates into an improvement of the capture performance of the range hood. (Featured as part of the Designer Collection: Wave wall/Incline Wall.)

Check out our Zephyr range hood reviews below. Be sure to check back regularly, as we will keep on adding reviews.

Zephyr AK2100BS (Typhoon Series) (30")

Zephyr AK2100BS - Zephyr range hoods

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