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Country: KOBE Range Hoods is based in the U.S.A. (Arcadia, California),

Since having been founded in 1998, KOBE Range Hoods has been a name which is associated with quality. Their top quality range hoods are not just very pleasing to the eye and well engineered, but also full of innovative technology. One example of this is the QuietMode™ function, an extra silent setting (1.0 sones at 300 CFM) which prevents you being ear-blasted by having the equivalent of a jet take off next to you while preparing your meals. It’s not without reason that the QuietMode™ function’s motto is “So Quiet… You Won’t Believe It’s On!”. Another KOBE Range Hoods exclusive function is its ECO Mode, which turns your range hood on and off for about ten minutes every hour, so that excess moisture, microscopic particles and odors will be removed your kitchen. This leaves you with a cleaner and healthier air in your kitchen, without having to manually turn on/off your range hood every hour. 

Although KOBE Range Hoods is based in the United Stated (Arcadia, California), KOBE range hoods are designed by their parent company Tosho & Company, Ltd., a Japanese company which has been globally selling quality products for almost 50 years. This means that we, as consumers, will get the best of both worlds. Since KOBE Range Hoods has a successful parent company, sufficient amounts of resources can be allocated towards research & development, innovation, testing reliability, etc. All of these will result in having cutting edge, as well as reliable technology incorporated into KOBE range hoods. However, since KOBE Range Hoods isn’t based in Japan, but rather in good ol’ United States, we will profit from fast shipping and great customer service.

At the end of the day, choosing KOBE Range Hoods is choosing quality. Check out our KOBE Range Hoods review(s) below.

KOBE IN2636SQB-650-5 Deluxe Range Hood Insert Review

KOBE Deluxe IN2636SQB-650-5 36 Range Hood Insert - BIG - Kobe Range Hoods

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