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Country: Broan is based in the U.S.A. (Hartford, Wisconsin)

Broan is one of the most well known, if not the most well known manufacturers of range hoods. The company was founded during the Great Depression by Henry Broan, who developed and produced a something called the Motordor® Fan , which was a small but efficient kitchen ventilation system. The creation of this ventilation system in 1932 meant the start of Broan as a company.

A couple of years after Henry Broan created his Motordor® Fan, a man named J. Ralph Corbett financially backed an inventor of a doorbell which could replace buzzers. After the inventor defaulted on his loan, Corbett decided to start selling the doorbell under the brand name NuTone, which he founded in 1936. Along the years NuTone successfully started to sell other kitchen related products, which included a residential kitchen ventilator hood, and had become the largest American producer of home electrical products.

After both companies have been sold a several times, they’ve ultimately been acquired by the British investment company Melrose Industries and have been renamed Broan-NuTone LL, which holds the brands Broan, NuTone and Best. The company employs over 2,500 employees, divided over seven countries on four continents.

As can be expected from such a huge company, buying a Broan, NuTone or Best range hood is generally a safe bet, as these brands tend to have a great price/quality ratio. That said, the quality of the materials used, as well as the features integrated into their range hoods are reflected into their prices. Don't expect many high end features on their budget models. For more specific information, check our reviews below. 

Broan QS136SS Allure (36") Review
(Currently not available)

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